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10 Best Ways to Install Artificial Grass in Your Garden

Artificial grass doesn't need any fertilizers or pesticides as it is required for natural grass. By installing fake grass gardens there are many benefits. Firstly, it reduces ground pollution which is caused by fertilizers and pesticides and keeps our garden pollution free and it is very good for the environment.  Secondly, artificial grass reduces water usage, requires low maintenance and it is safe for children to play with, also it is weatherproof. Synthetic grass is protected from UV light and stays green all year round whereas natural grass fades in color out from UV light. There is also the choice of colors while selecting the artificial grass you can choose the color of your own.

  • Calculate The Size Of The Garden We Want To Cover:

If we want to install artificial grass in our garden, firstly we need to measure the area that we want to cover.  This will give you an approximate idea of how much grass you need to order for your lawn. 

     Collect The Important Tools:

  • Knife to cut the artificial turf
  • Tape to measure the size of the fake grass
  • Hammer
  • Joining tape to join the surface of the artificial turf
  • Remove Old Natural Grass From The Garden 

Before installing new artificial grass in your garden it is important to remove the old grass,  removing the natural grasses that already exist in your garden. If we are having a big area garden that means we need to clear out all the grasses from that place we need to have a cutter or a knife for that. For fitting a fake grass garden we need to always remember to dig the soil to fit a new one. And we also need to consider one thing while digging soil we need to dig the soil deep enough to avoid any excess plant that is left behind. Sometimes the roots also grow from deep inside so if we have already dig the soil deep enough it is easier to remove to roots out of the soil.

  • Clean Up The Leftover Excess In The Garden:

While installing the new synthetic grass make sure to remove any excess trees, bushes roots, and natural grasses that are overgrown in the garden as it would be easier for the person who is installing the grass.

  • Get Rid Of The Weeds:

If we have a small gap or space that is left open in turf is it easier for weeds to get in through the gap and that would ultimately ruin the looks of our artificial turf. Fake grass requires a drainage system. The ground where we install fake turf is dry out which is not good for the weed. To avoid this problem there is an option available to overcome this problem. There is a designed sheet that helps to prevent the weeds from mixing it with the artificial turf. This will slow down the process from any unwanted weeds growth. We should install the sheet layer below our new fake artificial grasses that will help to prevent from getting those weeds inside the turf.

  • Flat Out The Surface:

We need to ensure in mind before installing the grass that our ground surface is flat and clean. If the surface is not flat and clean this would cause problems our garden will look uneven with the bumps and uneven sands and once the artificial grass is installed it is harder to deal with.

  • Base To Achieve A Perfect Look For Your Artificial Grass:

For artificial grass, drainage is compulsory as artificial grass doesn’t drain itself. For that, we need to have a drainage system before installing the new turf as this drainage system would help to look our grass new and good for all around the year. We can also use a sheet which is known as a membrane sheet as this would help in stopping any unnecessary things from going inside the soil.

  • Place Your Artificial Grass:

As fake grass is very heavy we need to pre-plan beforehand where to set up those grasses.  Firstly we need to count how many rolls are there and according to that, we need to cut those rolls and start putting them together. We need to make sure that each of those rolls is at the same level. Before cutting those grass rolls we need to make sure that in the same order.

  • Begin To Cut Down The Grass:

For cutting out the grasses we need to have a sharp knife and we can start cutting it off as per our needs. Mark the edges of the grass and then start cutting it off as marking on the grass would give us a clean and nice cut. While cutting off the grass we should also see that we have spare tools with us as the tool we are using may become dull. Also, another important point is

When we are joining the two turf together we should check that the points of the two turf are joint correctly and no line should be visible.

  • Clean The Grass With The Brush:

After the artificial grass installation, we should always brush our turf as cleaning the turf would remove excess dirt that has built upon the grass.


Artificial grass is very easy to install and less cost consuming and it is very much identical to real grass. It is pollution-free because we don’t use any types of fertilizers or pesticides which cause any damages as it causes it the natural grass.  It is very long-lasting flexible and it has a vibrant space that we can enjoy all year round.


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