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20 Best Places to Use Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass mimics the look of natural grass! Artificial grass helps in infusing some greenery into your home and garden. Not just outdoors, fake grass can be used inside your home as well to add stylishness and uber-chic appeal. Read on to know the best places where you can use Artificial Turf.

1. Balcony

You can transform your modern terrace into your own personal garden with lush potted plants and an illusion of grass. Artificial grass provides a perfect solution for rooftop gardens and balconies where it can be almost impractical to grow and maintain a living ground cover. You can also have an artificial grass rug set beneath your furniture to invite a soft look. Artificial grass does not require a lot of maintenance, hence there's no hassle of clipping natural grass on your balcony.

2. Driveways

Driveways can be quite tricky to plant as it soil is always compacted from the weight of your vehicle while not being connected to the irrigation system. You can install a strip of artificial grass to get the look of lush, green ground cover without maintenance or water

3. Narrow Side Yards

Artificial Grass usually benefits narrow areas that get heavy use. You can cover your side yard with artificial grass to make the area look more practical. Artificial grass offers a lush, greener appeal and can also still withstand foot traffic to the grill or a recycling bin being pulled from your backyard to the streets.

4. Play Area

Artificial grass provides a soft surface, cushy appeal while being able to withstand foot traffic; hence it's perfect for your kid's play area. You can install the turf under your kid's swing set in your backyard as it will act as a landing pad that's far soft than a patio or deck. Make sure to keep the turf away from reflected heat or direct sunlight as it can cause the surface to become uncomfortably warm for playing

5. Green Patches in Your Courtyard

You can add a touch of softness to the hardscape of your courtyard by installing artificial grass. Artificial grass offers the same look and appeal as natural grass without worrying about taking out mower and hose pipe to maintain the look.

6. Outdoor Furniture

Covering your furniture with artificial grass is a sure-shot way of adding some jazz and charisma to it, be it indoors or outdoors. You can use artificial turf near your indoor pool, to cover the bar stools or to cover your couch which will stylize your entire space. Covering your furniture with synthetic grass is all about your imagination and a proper installation of artificial grass. Just make sure to choose a softer artificial grass if you plan to install it somewhere you'll be sitting on.

7. Play Surface for Pets

One of the main benefits of artificial grass for pet owners is its easy maintenance property. This means that if your dog needs to use the turf as his private bathroom, there is no hassle in keeping your artificial grass clean later. All you need to do is, hose down the liquid waste from the grass, while the solid waste can be just picked up and disposed-off later


8. Artificial Grass Rugs

Artificial Grass Rugs offer the same performance and aesthetic appeal as turf rolls, just on a smaller scale. Artificial Grass Rugs can make a huge difference in terms of comfort and appearance for small spaces like porches, balconies, or patios. These small spaces help in creating a perfect spot for your kids or pets to lounge on. These rugs are quite durable and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

9. As a Doormat- Artificial Grass in Bradford

can be used as material for transitioning from outdoors to indoors. You can place it as a doormat along the length of your driveway for your guest to wipe their feet on before going inside. Synthetic grass is durable, tough, and can be cleaned by a hose when it gets muddy.

10. Golf Putting Greens

If you've ever hoped for having your very own putting green inside your house, well that's entirely possible with the help of artificial grass. You don't even require a custom-built putting green because you can just build it yourself. All you need to do is drill where you want the hole to be and then lay the artificial grass over it. Next, cut the grass out around the hole with the help of a utility knife, and you can have your very own indoor golf area.

11. Lawns

Artificial Grass is perfect for your lawn due to certain qualities. Artificial grass is UV resistant and has resistance towards heat and frost with high durability. It's perfect for your outdoors as it lasts for a very long time. It has great drainage and has a more dense and plush quality when compared to other types of fake turf.

12. Offices

Your standard offices can be quite boring, creating a lifeless environment to work in. To solve this, many businesses have begun the use of artificial turf in their workplace. Synthetic grass can help in revitalizing your office space.

13. Displays

When you go to a certain event or a convention, the businesses there need to display their products in their booth. Artificial grass can be used by such businesses to add a stylish touch to their booth. You can attach the turf to the booth with the help of a staple gun. It can also be easily pulled away as well if needed.

14. Porch

You can create a contemporary landscape on your porch with artificial grass. The clean lines and corners will help in making the entire area a modern yet homey appeal.

15. Feature Wall

If you want to create an Artificial Grass Feature Wall just install your synthetic turf on any vertical surface to amalgamate the botanical essence with a modern yet natural ambiance, giving an aesthetically appeasing yet impactful impression

16. As Accents

If you want to beautify any space, Artificial Grass is the way to go. Ranging from your front yard to the patio or pet areas, fake grass can be used to decorate a space in a lot of innovative ways

17. Hotels

Nowadays, the demand for artificial grass is increasing day by day, be it for residential or commercial purposes. Hence, hotels are also choosing to have synthetic turf in their entryways, courtyards or to create perfect lawn areas.

18. Sporting Surface

Artificial turf was initially created to be used in sports pitches, as these pitches tend to receive heavy use. Artificial grass is now widely used for sports such as football, tennis, cricket, etc.

19. Events and Exhibition

A great way to show off your products, artificial grass provides the perfect way to decorate your stand in events or exhibitions.

20. Rooftop Gardens-

Artificial Grass provides the best way to brighten any dull space by introducing a dash of greenery into that area. Concrete and paving look harsh, especially on your rooftops hence adding artificial grass for gardens can provide a welcoming feel to it.

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