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5 Top Tips For Creating the Perfect Garden

In the depths of winter when the nights are long and dark and the days cold and crisp, it’s the perfect time to begin thinking about creating the perfect garden.

The perfect garden varies from each individual whether you dream of flamboyant cottage garden blooms. A Mediterranean terrace surrounded by fragrant herbs. A minimalist space for entertaining or somewhere you can sit back and relax whilst the children play. The same thing remains across the board; a garden is somewhere to be enjoyed.

How do you even create the perfect garden?

There are a few key things that play a part in bringing that perfect garden to life, we’ve put together a list to help get you started.

1.    Structure

In most cases the garden comes with the house, meaning we have to make do with what we’ve got. Whether it’s a blank canvas or has some design structure to start with. The first thing to do is decide what you want; Flower beds, Pond, Divided Areas, A Lawn, Patio. The main objective; it has to suit your needs. There is no point having flower beds if you don’t know or plan to care for them or a lawn you don’t have the time to mow. There are ways around these though (Low maintenance plants/ Artificial Grass), but the main point to consider is ‘will it fit in with your lifestyle’?

 2.    Space

Space is key to a stunning garden; however, that doesn’t mean you have to have lots of it. Some of the most impressive gardens are small, but they are very well designed, without an inch overlooked.  Texture and variety are key here, think materials, it’s just like dressing a home, you want some hard surfaces (Stone/paving) some soft areas (grass/plants) some warm (wood/lighting) and some accessories too (pots/seating/sculpture). Don’t just think ground level either, add some vertical elements too.

 3.    Plants

Everyone’s plant preferences differ, some like to tend to them like their kin, some just want them to be planted and never have to bother with them again.  The main things to consider is what you like and what you can manage? For instance, a Rose will need pruning at certain times in the year and frequent dead-heading, some plants just will not tolerate a damp shady area, so make sure you do your plant research before you hit the garden centre, and if you are still unsure but love the look of a plant – Google it!

4.    Seating

No matter what kind of garden design you go with, you need to have somewhere to be able to sit.  What kind of seating again depends entirely on your needs?  Do you want a quiet corner to watch the bees and butterflies with your cup of coffee in a morning at a bistro table?  A lounger to soak up the south facing garden rays with a glass of Prosecco whilst reading the latest copy of Vogue.  A bench by a pond or a large table and chairs to entertain friends over a summer Barbeque – the options are endless.

 5.    Features

BBQ’s, fountains, driftwood sculptures, planter wheelbarrows you name it, there’s so much to choose from and these are the finishing touches that will not only tie your garden together giving it the wow factor but also put that truly unique stamp of personality on it. Think of your garden as an extension of your home. A well-placed cushion on an outdoor sofa or a free-standing lamp next to flower bed add so much more depth to the area and draw the eyes in, so there’s always something visually appealing going on.

Now you’re armed with the basics, there’s no stopping you creating the garden of your dreams the perfect place for you to relax in the summer.

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