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A Guide to Removing Turf before Laying Artificial Grass

Installing a new artificial turf is a step-by-step procedure with various important aspects, but before proceeding with the details one must prepare the space first. A part of preparing for synthetic turf installation involves removing the already present grass or turf in the space you're going to upgrade. Although the process is not as simple as just cutting up the edging and laying the synthetic turf up. Removing the already present grass can be quite an intensive job. Read on to know how to remove turf before laying Artificial Grass.

1.Manual Digging :

You can start by just simply using a bit of strength, elbow grease, and a good garden spade for removing the lawn. Start by cutting a square around 10*10 inches into the grass and dig up each square individually. This step will ensure that majority of the roots are removed from the ground. The deeper you choose to dig, the more sub-base you will require when laying artificial grass so you've to make sure to stay at a reasonable dept. So don't get carried away with that spade! Before starting with the entire process, make sure to water the lawn a few days before to make it moist, which will make the digging process a lot easier.

2.Solarisation :

If all that raw manual work is not a cup of your tea, you can let the nature take its course by solarisation. In this process, the one thing you need to make sure of is that you need time on your hands, as it can take up to 6-8 weeks depending upon the amount of sunlight you'll receive each day. The process includes cutting up the grass very short and then proceeding by covering the entire area with a clear plastic sheet. The sun rays will kill off the turf, whilst killing any weed present.

3.Smothering :

If your area doesn't receive much sunlight the above option of solarisation is of no use to you, then there is always an option of going the opposite way. You can cover the grass with a light-excluding material such as tarpaulin, denying the area of sunlight and the temperature under the material will cause the grass to dry up and ultimately die beneath it. This process takes the same amount of time as solarisation so make sure to plan.

4.Tiling :

Tiling is one of the best ways of getting rid of turf and soil by churning up the earth. This process is quite a labor-intensive as the tiller does most of the work, but there are many drawbacks to this procedure. One of the issues is that the process of tiling leaves in its wake grass and weed seeds, instead of completely removing them which can later germinate.

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