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Artificial Grass - A Pets Playground!

One of the many questions we get asked over here at Artificial Grass GB is, is the grass suitable for my pet?

And the answer is YES!

More than that though is how much our furry friends seem to love it more than real grass. We’re not even kidding, dogs and cats all over the North have been found basking and frolicking on their new artificial grass installations.  Like Bruce here in this image jumping for joy over his new playground.

Artificial Grass GB Installation - York

The other great thing about artificial grass is, unlike real grass, this can’t be damaged leaving tufts everywhere and wear which resembles crop circles due to crazy darting around the place like my dog tends to do when he’s feeling playful and energetic. They also can’t dig up the synthetic turf either, meaning no more mine holes and muddy paws.

The other question we get asked regarding pets and artificial grass is can they poop and pee on it? And again, yes, they can, it will not damage the turf at all, unlike real grass where urine will stain and scorch the grass. With artificial grass, all you need to do is clean up any mess as you would walking your pet and then hose the area down. If you're noticing any urine smells, after rinsing, spray the area down with a mix of equal parts white vinegar and water, which will deodorize and disinfectant the area.

The best thing is everyone gets to relax, even take a nap on their new non-toxic grass, which I must add stays new looking for years to come, with that oh so luscious look of a freshly-cut lawn. So, you can go take a nap in the British sunshine whenever it chooses to show itself, without having to mow the grass first and shoo the dog!!

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