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If it were not artificial grass then have you ever thought that how would you boast your beautiful and natural-looking green lawns outside your house? It’s been a while now and these artificial grasses have gained a lot of popularity in places where it is hard to grow natural greenery. To my surprise, I have even seen families opting for artificial grass when they had natural grass covering, owing to the advantages these fake grasses bring to the table.

All my friends worry not like today I am going to put some light on all the important and essential aspects before making a purchase of artificial grass and installing it in your garden area. Keep reading to make a well-informed buying decision.

Today, artificial grass is being used in almost every sphere of our life and this is because of its growing popularity. Artificial Grass GB wants its customers to be well informed so that they can make an informed investment which is why we have come up with this write-up to let you know everything about artificial grass.

More and more homeowners are making their beautiful spaces turn into a natural habitat worth living. They are using it for lawns, dog runs for pets, play areas for kids, pool surroundings, rooftops, decks, and decorative borders between pavers.

Let’s first find what exactly is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is a man-made option for landscaping purposes and has been widely popular in personal as well as commercial spaces. It is more viable in places where it is hard to grow natural green grass due to unfavorable climatic conditions or in places with limited water resources.  

It is specifically designed to look like natural grass. There are threads strung together with the backing which look like the natural grass blades.

There is proper drainage prepared and then the backing is laid all across the desired area. In order to create close proximity to the natural-looking grass, silica sand is spread all over it. This not only brings in the natural feeling but also adds some weight to the grass keeping it weighted down to the ground.

If you look around the world, you will find different types of natural grass in its original habitat. The manufacturers from the grass industry have also tried to achieve different varieties of grass courtesy of the number of materials available in the market. To name a few are nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene which are colored and produced in varying lengths to provide close proximity to their natural counterpart.

Now, let’s focus on how this amazing grass is manufactured?

You would be surprised to know the actual material behind this amazing grass _ plastic. Majorly, polyethylene _ a common form of plastic is used to manufacture these natural-looking fake grass blades.

Polyethylene is heated using UV-resistant addictives and color tones to provide the features to the grass blades for what they are known and popular for.

Why it is necessary to use artificial grass in today’s world?

The popularity of grass has risen exponentially. This immense popularity and success mean that there would be something special about it _ right?

Yes, there is. Not just one, there are many amazing features of this artificial grass which makes it a great asset for personal as well as commercial places.

First and the most obvious one, unlike natural grass, they look green all year-round. There is no such thing as a seasoning for them. As we all know, natural grass can suffer the heat of the changing season and may lose its color and charm. While artificial grasses are made to look green throughout their lifecycle and they don’t require any special care and maintenance for their green and natural look.


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