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Since the industry has been taken by a storm courtesy of the amazing features it brings to the table, we’ll discuss artificial grass and their amazing benefits and why they have become such a popular and demanding element for your outdoor living world.

An expression from old times which is still very common, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’ is absolutely true when you see artificial turf on the other side while on the contrary; you have a natural seeded grass cover. It’s not just about the appearance and the looks, artificial grass leads way ahead with countless positive features and advantages over the traditional way of natural seeded gardening.

We have shortlisted a few of the major benefits of installing artificial grass in your garden _

a. No watering is required for keeping the field fresh and green unlike natural seeded grass which requires a frequent sprinkling of water

b. Especially designed keeping the durability factor on top priority makes it ideal for high traffic areas and sustain rough pet usage

c. Safe for children and pets to play along without any danger of scratches and rashes

d. A great alternative to natural grass which is also a cost-saving project if you look at the bigger picture

e. Looks amazing all the year round with minimum or negligible upkeep and maintenance

f. Hard to distinguish between natural and artificial grass courtesy of some high-end variants introduced in the recent years

g. Say goodbye to mud or any muddy problem in your garden and inside your home, it's an eco-friendly alternative for lush green garden, so you are contributing to the greater good

h. No harmful fertilizers or pesticides are required for its growth and hence, it is yet again a safe and secure product for a better future

i. a Great deal of design and color variants make it a versatile product in the flooring industry

Courtesy of the practicality, versatility, and an effort to make gardening more convenient; more and more homeowners are constantly adopting artificial grass for their outdoor living projects. In today’s upside-down and hectic world where each one of us is having difficulty in squeezing some quality time for our family, manicuring our garden is constantly dwindling. In a world, where every individual is constantly trying to contribute to an environment-friendly world with their choice of lifestyle and products they buy and use; artificial grass is a great way of doing it as it requires no use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers.


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Now, let’s dive in deep in understanding the top 10 benefits of installing artificial grass in your garden.  Though the benefits are endless, we chose to shortlist it and serve the major ones before you.
1. No watering is required

This is one of the most valuable and critical assets of installing synthetic grass in your garden. Specifically designed keeping in mind the environment factor, synthetic turf requires no watering in its entire lifecycle as compared to the natural grass.

Even during dry months with hot extreme weather conditions, the grass doesn’t require any watering and thus save thousands of money and off course a valuable natural resource.

2. Safe for children and pets

Strict industry standards for poly and nylon, two majorly used materials in the manufacturing of synthetic grass make it a safe alternative for children and pets. You can have a fun time with your friends, family along with your furry companion without any fear of anyone’s health.

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3. Durable and suitable for high traffic

Artificial grass is a highly durable option and comes with great peace of mind for decades. Now, go ahead and play along with your pet without the danger of your grass ripping off the ground. Give your pets an awesome time and let them do the puppy laps and race around the park freely.

Invite your friends from neighborhood to play along a friendly soccer match in your garden. Do whatever you want without worrying a bit about your grass for years to come.

 4. Cost saving option in the longer run

Though it may seem expensive upfront, still artificial grass is a great cost saving option when you look at the wider picture. You will cut down your costs by saving on gardener’s labour fees for mowing, cutting down electricity bills (since you no longer require a lawnmower machine) and water bills. Forget about applying additives, replacing sprinklers and reseeding your lawn which again will save you huge bucks.

 5. Beautiful natural grass all the year round

A lot of homeowners find it tiresome keeping a regular check on their garden and maintain it. And truly, maintaining a garden is not an easy task. You have to mow it, water it and constantly look after it to keep it fresh and green throughout the year.

Well, this is not the case with artificial grass. It looks amazingly great all the year round. Your grass will not get brown in hot summer’s heat, wouldn’t freeze during extreme cold weather, and they wouldn’t die when you are out on a long vacation.

 6. Natural grass like feeling

The closest proximity to natural garden can be achieved with the use of synthetic turf. They are especially designed to provide a natural aura and an unmatched sensation to your underfoot. The blades are precisely designed to appear closely similar to natural grass while having a soft touch to it.

 7. Say good bye to mud and all related problems

This feature proves to be highly valuable whenever rains hit the ground. If you have a natural garden, then you can imagine the mess a rainfall can leave behind.  

Now, with artificial grass installed in your garden, you can just relax and forget about the unsightly mud being dragged by family members or pets into your home. Since, there is no dirt beneath the grass blades, you can sit back and relax and forget about any mess.

 8. Safe for the environment

Artificial grass is a safe alternative to environment when it comes to revamping your garden area.  There are many manufacturers in the market who claim that their grass is 100% safe and don’t emit any toxic and harmful material.

 9. No use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides

You can finally say good bye to fertilizers and pesticides as you don’t need it anymore for the safety of your lawn. One of the greatest advantages of using artificial grass is that it will keep you at bay from any harmful chemicals. Not just you, this will also mean that you are contributing to a better world by reducing the use of harmful chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides.

 10. Versatility is a key element

Artificial grass is a versatile product which can make your garden a beautiful living space provided appropriate elements to compliment them. You can use it with pavers, stones, walkways and driveways to create beautiful scenery like space in your garden. 

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Hope you enjoyed reading our blog and understanding the benefits of artificial grass to our modern world. We would love to hear from you. All you need to do is leave your valuable thoughts in the comment section below.

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