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Artificial Grass Cost Estimation For Your Artificial Lawn

Artificial grass is a synthetic material that is made out of plastic and is easier to install. Artificial turf looks aesthetically pleasing and looks lush green same as the real grass. But the question arises in people's minds on how to install artificial grass? Is it easier to install or whether it is a time-consuming and expensive process? Laying artificial grass can even cost less than real grass over the long term. When you add the cost of watering, feeding. and re-turfing that is required for real grass, artificial turf cost proves to be cheaper in comparison to others. If you are confused about the price installation of the artificial grass have a look at the following points given below:



Artificial grass price starts from per meter squared. On average, fake grass costs starts from £4.99/m£² and range up to £29.99/m²+ for luxurious ranges. The average artificial grass UK is 100 meters square. When choosing artificial grass, it is very important to know how to compare each range and what is the maximum possibilities that we cut down the cost of artificial turf. Artificial turf varies in pile height, grass weight, softness, and so on. The price increase may vary from the quality you choose for your turf in terms of the number of strands per/m. Heavier turf ranges are much denser, holding more grass per/m, therefore, it carries higher charges.

To give you an approximate idea of price points, we have constructed a table that compares both the cost and specifications of our artificial grass ranges: 


Range Artificial grass Cost(per/m²) Specification(pile height/grass weight)
Basic Super Lawn £7.99 20mm-1750gr/m²
Budget Forest £9.99 30mm-1900gr/m²
Essential Teal £16.99 35mm-2590gr/m2
Premier Shamrock £24.99 40mm-3400gr/m2
Elite Mint £32.99 45mm-3660gr/m²

Price Estimation For Your Artificial Lawn:

It is harder to estimate the exact price for your lawn especially if you are purchasing online. The reason behind this is artificial turf varies in price depending on who you purchase it from. Typically a professional installation, depending on the grass quality can vary between £55-£75/m². A professionally installed lawn would cost you £2,700 measuring 40 squares meters which equates to £180 per year with 15 years of life expectancy.


Regardless of your location, the total cost of installing fake grass may vary the size of your yards and other factors.  As artificial grasses have become essential and a lot of homeowners are putting this in high regard, artificial grass supplier needs to keep important things in mind before selling it, the first thing to know is the drainage system and the base construction of your turf, the pile height and so on.


Cost Estimation Of Artificial Grass Putting Green:

Artificial grass putting green provides a premium quality surface, specially designed for creating a golfers paradise. If you are a golf lover and looking to practice the golf swing with an appropriate bounce in your garden then this grass will be a perfect choice for you. The design, materials, and professional installation of ideal turf putting green generally cost from $11 to$35+ per square foot according to several different factors. Below are the following factors in determining putting green cost.

1) Putting Green Size:

While installing greens on the golf field which measures about 5,000 to 6,000 square feet, one can typically practice their game that is a fraction of this size. Most ideals turf installation are under 1,000 square feet, but we have built a greenfield of all sizes:

  • 2,000 square feet and larger:$11 to$20 per. sq.ft
  • 400-2000 square feet:$16to $25 per. sq.ft
  • Under 400 square feet: Over $25 per. sq.ft

2)Putting Green Design:

The designers of the golf green grass not only need to consider how to lay artificial grass, or have a proper drainage system but its designing features that required training and experience to explore. The cost of the typical putting green can vary depending on how complex the design is and what is the skill level required to create it.

3)Site Acess And Preparation:

The availability of the site preparation to equip and the materials required can have a major impact on the time and costs to install a green field. Costs can be higher if the space of the field cannot be retrieved with larger machines, as we have to use wheelbarrows and small equipment.

4) Putting Green Installation:

Installation crews undergo a lot of training to master ideal turf design and installation techniques. While the installation process is a typical time-consuming process than others, it allows simulating the looks which exactly looks, feels, and appears like natural grass with low maintenance. The pricing could change depending upon the size of your yard. The larger your golf green, the less you'll pay per square foot.

As you have seen that artificial grass is very common to pet owners. It's usable all year, never needs cutting, and looks just like the real stuff. However, most people think that is it not good to install artificial grass for dogs because it builds up an odor by dog urine if you don't clean up the mess.


How To Cut The Cost Estimation Of Artificial Grass:

1)DIY Install:

A DIY install method can save a lot of money when it comes to fitting. Professional landscaping costs can vary on the size of your lawn. The larger the size of your lawn, it requires more money to install. So if you adopt the DIY method, it will reduce the cost of installing as you are doing by yourself.

2) Purchase Wisely:

Buying artificial turf from the same retailers will save your costs from buying the grass in bulk, the reason for buying artificial grass from the same retailer is that you have already purchased from him and he would exactly know the type of artificial grass you have purchased from him previously. If you are buying the grass in bulk, and if the leftover piece is not in use then it's a waste of money. Purchasing your other material like weed membrane, adhesive, and fixing nails together, means just one delivery cost too.

3) Offcut Savings:

Many retailers stock up the remaining piece of artificial grass or remnants. These are the same quality as the original artificial grass the only difference is that they are just pre-cut rolls means cut-off pieces or the leftover pieces of grass. If your lawn size is matching with those of remnants you could save yourself a small fortune.

If you want to cut down the price for your artificial grass, a more costly grass might appear more expensive so opt for a grass that required less maintenance and will last considerably longer, therefore costing you less over time.

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