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Artificial Grass for Gardens- Best Garden Ideas on a Budget

Artificial Grass Gardens have become a trending décor idea for homeowners nowadays, with more and more homes around the world opting for it. Gardens are a beautiful way to let your guests know what the rest of your house looks like. Adding to the curb appeal of your house, gardens although requiring bit of a work are a must-have. Artificial turf mimics the look and appeal of natural grass! It offers a lush, green appeal to your lawn without the added hassle of maintenance. Artificial Turf offers a wide range of benefits which include: reduced water bills, low maintenance, low water usage, weather proof, safe place for kids and pets, and maintaining lush appeal all year round. Read on to know about some best artificial grass garden ideas on a budget.

1. Open-Planned Modern:

An open-planned modern space gives you a minimalist aesthetic appeal which in turn gives you the opportunity to make the most out of your lawn or garden space, with a "less-is-more" approach. Trending in the garden industry, this design makes the most impressive lawn space with minimal planter decorations. An open-planned modern garden design is a budget-friendly option while making your garden appear bigger, requiring minimal maintenance, and looking perfect all year round. This garden idea is best for senior citizens who struggle in maintaining a more typical landscape look.

2. Open-Planned Garden for Pet Owners:

If you've got pets, open-planned artificial grass garden is the best option for you. Artificial turf is 100% pet friendly, which means stains, odors and occasional digging disasters can be alleviated. No more ruining your kitchen floors with muddy paws. This artificial turf garden idea is ideal for pet-owners!

3. Artificial Grass Feature Wall:

If you want to create an Artificial Grass Feature Wall just install your artificial turf on any vertical surface to amalgamate the botanical essence with a modern yet natural ambiance, giving an aesthetically appeasing yet impactful impression. There no written rule that you can only place artificial grass on the floor. It can also be used to line your walls which can ultimately create a really nonchalant and inimitable look. Covering the walls with synthetic turf is also an impressive idea for businesses and bars as it can help in creating a memorable venue and fun visit for customers. If you want to cover your walls with artificial grass just use cardboard to create a template on the wall. Next, proceed by attaching the template to the back of your artificial turf and cut it so that it's the right size. Now, you can use an electric drill to attach the turf to the wall easily. There are endless design possibilities when talking about artificial grass feature walls with no limit to one's imagination.


Yarden is basically a concrete yarn which has been transformed using synthetic grass into a stunning space to be used by your whole family to enjoy. A yarden is useful for those who typically live in a terraced house and are looking for garden inspirations as these types of houses tend to come with a yard.

•Family-oriented spaces- If you want an outdoor space for your little ones; just add bean bags, playmats and toys.

•Botanical theme- You can create this alluring look with lots of potted plants or even shrubberies, creating your very own urban-style jungle.

•Gardener's Sanctuary- If you love to garden but just have a yard, then yarden is just what you need. You can add potted plants, hanging plants for flowers or wallflower arrangements which can keep maximum space on the ground.

You can install artificial grass in narrow, tight areas that get heavy use. If you have a side yard that could have been covered in concrete paving, that would look much more useful but artificial turf can not only give a green appeal but can withstand heavy footwork to the grill or if there's any recycling bin being pulled from the backyard to the street.

5.Play Area for Kids:

One of the greatest benefits of artificial grass is its non-toxicity and soft touch. Hence, it's perfect for your kid's to play on, be it indoors or out. Both Kids and pets need a play area where they can spend their time while having fun. Indoor play area comes in handy when it's always raining outside or your kids don't have access to the lawn or outdoors. Just install artificial grass in your children's playroom or any specific area in your home, add in their favorite toys, and let them indulge in the fun.

6.Terrace Garden:

You can transform your urban terrace into a garden with lush potted plants and the illusion of grass. Laying down artificial grass is the best solution for rooftop gardens and balconies where it's nearly impossible to grow and maintain a living ground cover i.e. Natural Grass. You can lay an artificial grass rug set beneath your outdoor furniture set on the balcony to create that soft yet inviting look. Artificial grass provides you with a hassle-free rooftop garden experience. One can't imagine clipping natural grass on a narrow balcony it would be such a hassle. With artificial grass, there is very little maintenance and it gives a laid-back appeal to your urban terrace.

7.Create Accents:

Synthetic turf can also be used to express your creativity or to make a statement. You can use your synthetic turf to create floor art. Depending on the amount of space, artificial grass can be used in numerous ways to beautify a certain place. Ranging from your front yard to the patio or pet areas, fake grass can be used to decorate a space in a lot of innovative ways. You can use it indoors in your entertainment rooms, dining areas, or outdoor kitchens. If you own a pool, having a pool walkway surrounded by synthetic grass can create a lush ambiance. If you own a pet or two, you can definitely invest in artificial grass, as it drains well, and cleaning it up is never an issue. It can also serve as a playing area for your kids and pets, while a mini fitness center for adults. You can use artificial grass to surround ponds or fountains, as it easy to maintain and can be used to display exterior fixtures.

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