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Since its inception, artificial grass has come a long way and now its popularity has caught the world like a forest fire. More and more homeowners are opting for artificial grass to recreate their garden area. It has become a common and usual way of redecorating the outer space around the house. This is considered to be a great way to revamp and transform any junkyard.

Initially, fake grasses were just an option for places that had problems in growing natural green grass due to unfavorable weather conditions or limitations of water usage. Gradually, it became popular amongst the homeowners and they started shifting towards this man-made solution to achieve the greenery in their garden area or backyard instead of the traditional natural way of doing it.

What is artificial grass and how is it manufactured?

First, let’s focus on what exactly is artificial grass. It is a man-made surface of fibers being made using a special type of plastic, which was introduced as an alternative option to natural grass. The backing is used to hold the strands or threads known as grass blades. It’s then laid on the desired area where people want them to be installed keeping the drainage system in mind. Silica sand comes into play once the grass is laid over the desired area. It is uniformly spread all across the turf to weigh it down to the ground. This helps in making the turf heavy to remain solid on the ground while providing a perfect natural cushioning when you walk over it. So, it is basically a landscaping option with aesthetic visual appeal having close proximity to nature in appearance.

In today’s world of technology, these fake grass are being used using three of the man-made synthetic fibers _ nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene among which polyethylene is considered to be the best material so far.

In layman’s language, these specially designed plastics are heated along with the color tones and UV resistant elements to provide the features and attributes for which they are known and popular for.

A brief comparison between natural and fake grass and why should we opt for artificial grass?

It’s a common perception amongst the people that if they find something better, they would opt for it and embrace the change _ this is what we call adaptability and this is how we have survived and reached on top of the food chain.

Artificial grass is loaded with features and characteristics for which they have gained a lot of attention worldwide. Following is the list of the points where you will find this newly invented man-made synthetic turf way ahead of its natural counterparts.

1. Durability: It is one of the key points on what people rely on before investing heavily in anything new. Artificial grass installation projects can be expensive which is why it is important that your grass should remain fresh and green for years to come. These are specially designed as a hard-wearing product that can sustain and survive all weathers while remaining as it is if dealt with properly. A lot of grasses come with 10 to 15 and even 20 years of the warranty period which means you can have peace of mind for decades to come once installing it.

2. Maintenance: It is always recommended by the experts that you always ask for the maintenance cost and how easy is it going to be before making a purchase? Remember, you will buy a product once but the maintenance is going to be there until the product lasts. So, you may want to bring in something which is easy and cost-effective and the same is the case with artificial grass.

3. Saving of water resources: It is one of the key points as the world is shifting towards eco-friendly practices to contribute their part is making our planet a better world. Unlike natural green grass covering which requires gallons of water on a weekly basis to keep them green and fresh, this man-made alternative requires no watering at all and they can remain fresh and green for years to come. Just imagine the amount of water you save for your planet. Not just this, you also save a lot on water bills. This is even valuable for places with water limitations.

4. Saving time as it requires no mowing: Trimming and mowing require hours and hours of hard work. Either you do it manually using big scissors or you are doing it with lawnmowers, it will require your time and energy. With fake grass installed in your garden, you get rid of this daunting task. Moreover, lawnmowers run on electricity which means you save on electricity bills as well.

5. UV Resistance: The manufacturing process combines color tones and UV resistant additives to provide UV resistance features to the grass. This helps the grass to remain green for years to come even when exposed to direct sunlight.

6. Children and pet friendly: These fake grasses are specially designed not to attract pests and bugs, so you can consider it safe for your children.

Selecting a right product

It is essential for you to choose the right product depending upon your needs and requirements. Like we have mentioned earlier, artificial grass projects can cost you an arm and a leg. This means you have to be very choosy about the product you choose for your garden area. It is always recommended by the experts to opt for a high-quality product when a lot of money is at stake. Choosing artificial grass for gardens area is the best idea to go for.

The company from where you are buying the grass is an essential factor to consider

Keep in mind that not just the grass but the company from where you are purchasing it is an essential factor. The installation process requires precise perfection and professionalism and for this, you will have to turn yourself to the experts of the industry.

Always try to avoid the newcomers in the industry or individuals or companies whose prime focus is not grass but rather it is a sideline business for them. Going with the professionals would mean that you are handling your garden with experienced and well-trained installers.

Check the company’s previous works of installations

It is paramount that you look for the previous installations as this is going to give you a clear image of how professional and precise their team of experts is. After all, they are going to work on your dream house and the most important front area of it. The true quality of the work produced by a company can be clearly viewed by visiting the site personally or seeing them online to provide you with a better and informed buying decision.

Opt for a personalized approach and reach out to the references

If possible, call the existing customers of the company and clear all your doubts about the company instantly. Viewing the previous installations will definitely give you a clear idea of how skilled and well-trained the installers are. But there is one more important aspect which today’s customers prefer above everything. This is customer satisfaction in terms of quality of service. How well behaved is the company’s staff is a defining factor? Speak with the previous customers and get to know the people with whom you are going to work.

Drainage can become a headache if not planned early

Drainage is paramount when you are revamping your garden area with fake turf. If not handled properly, your garden will end having lumps of waterlogged in spots, and believe me, you are not going to like it after such a heavy investment. Try opting for high-quality grass which has 100% permeable backing to ensure that the water finds its way through to the ground without any blockage.

You also want to consider your furry friend and its activities in the garden area before deciding the type and quality of grass

If you have a pet then you must include this factor into your buying decision. Artificial grass is considered to be the best option for dog owners due to the problems they have to face with natural lawns with dogs around. Dogs are lively, playful, and energetic and this turns out to be a headache for homeowners as the natural grass fails to sustain their aggressive behavior as they dish out the grass and mud. There is a number of occasions when they come home with muddy paws and grass blades all scattered around in the house.

The fake turfs are designed to stay strong and sustain the aggressiveness of pets easily. Now you children and their furry friend can have a quality run in the garden area.

What your installers have to say about the infill they are going to use in your garden?

Infill is a material used to provide necessary cushioning to the grass so that when we walk over it, we can feel the natural greenery beneath our toes. They help in providing the man-made synthetic fiber the similar texture and feel which you get when walking over natural grass. Not just the aesthetic appeal, these are also used to weigh down the turf to the ground while keeping the grass blades stand erect.

Non-infilled grass is going to mat down and gradually they will become flat and lose their charm. Some of the installers might suggest you skip it to cut down the cost for you but we would strongly recommend you to opt for it. Moreover, we would say to opt for high-quality infill for an enhanced feel to your feet.

Sand and crumb rubber are considered to be of the best class as they provide unmatched cushioning and a more natural feeling when walked upon.

Choosing the right material is an essential aspect _ nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene are the 3 options available

If you are out in the market buying anything, it is a usual behavior that you check the basic element with what it is prepared. The core element forms the basis for all the characteristics and features you enjoy.

Artificial grass is basically made using nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene; three specially designed plastics intended to provide real grass-like features. Majorly, the industry is led by polyethylene as it is considered to be the finest of all three options. It is softer, more realistic and durable, and strong to hold up to the high traffic area while nylon is abrasive and prone to harmful UV light which means it will fade over time.

If you feel that we may have missed any important point, you are more than welcome to express your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear from our valuable readers as this helps us know that we are connected and we are in the right direction of making our readers an informed and aware buyer.


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