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Cosy Outdoor Living: A Dream of Everyone

A beautiful house with a beautiful garden; it's something every modern-day family dreams of. Creating a blissful outdoor space for family fun time and occasionally get together with friends and colleagues is something which always adds more colour to your life.


The problem is we don't really invest a lot in our outdoor space. We are not practical about it. When it comes to investing in the garden area for a better and more appealing visual look, we tend to ignore it at first. It is a normal phenomenon that we would first want to give our interiors an amazing look even if we have to do it at the cost of our outdoor space. We just don't take our outdoor living seriously. This is one of the harsh truth and we have to accept it.

The irony here is when it comes to measurement, most of the garden areas are almost three quarters or almost of the exact size of the house. Technically, it's our second home and if we have left this much of space outside our homes, then we must utilize it to the best of our possibility.

Today we are going to discuss how we can make our outdoor area a cosy living space.

1. A beautiful serene grass

A garden is nothing without a beautiful and lush green grass all over it. If you can grow it naturally, consider yourself blessed. Nothing can match the aesthetic beauty of a natural grass and the feel it can give you when you are out bathing in sun to enjoy it.


Creating a beautiful landscape surrounding your home is not always that easy. At some places, you may find a natural green covering of a beautiful serene grass while others may find it difficult to grow them. It depends upon the nature of the soil and the climatic conditions of a place. For such places, you can opt for an artificial grass cover. They look almost the same as of natural grass. Moreover, they require no watering, no mowing and no maintenance at all for their upkeep.

2. Picking up the right furniture for your outdoor space

Choosing the right furniture for your outdoor space is an integral part of the making of a great outdoor garden. The choice of furniture varies from an individual's personal preference, budget, style quotient and the practicalities. Think of the number of people you want to arrange for seating and choose the size of your furniture accordingly.

One most important thing before choosing the outdoor furniture for your garden is to think of the functionality you want to put it in. Whether it's for the casual family gathering, or you want to plan fun weekends with friends and family; your furniture and the seating arrangement needs to be right on top.

It's always advisable to opt for the highest standards when it comes to choosing the outdoor furniture as they need to sustain the wear and tear of time and weather. Obviously, there would be some necessary precautionary steps which you need to take care to keep the timber in good condition. Leaving it in the open area without any care will make your furniture go silver. It is recommended to oil your furniture on a regular basis to keep it in good condition all the year round.

A lot of people tend to cover their furniture with tarpaulin cover at times when they are not in use but this is not the ideal solution. Consider your garden as a perennial source of aesthetic beauty and you might not want to ruin it with the use of tarpaulin or any other cover.

3. Bring out your indoor decor elements


This may sound crazy but indoor decor elements should be used outside to create that dreamy outdoor space you have always wanted to have around you. If you want to create a cosy outdoor space, then you must bring out all your important decor elements which make up for that cosy factor.

You feel more relaxed and calm when you are surrounded with more indoor elements like cushions, pillows, throws and rugs. They make the surrounding more inviting and add a touch of personality to your outdoor space.

4. Finishing touch

It's important to give your garden a personal finishing touch. It becomes all the more important when you can find comforting things around you. Your garden area should reflect your personality and it should be designed to make your outdoor time fun and exciting.

Just try and give importance to tiny objects around and you'll be surprised to see how they add up to make a beautiful yet practical outdoor space. Let's say, for instance, you can use mirrors in your garden to add depth and help in making space look visually bigger. Who doesn't love the beautiful reflection of flowers at the fences?

All you need to do is take a moment and think of all the prime requisites which can help in making your life easier and convenient.

5. Try being creative with the outdoor lighting

Garden lighting is different from indoor lighting and you need to make sure that you do it correctly. Make good use of your plants and trees to lighten up your outdoor space in the most creative way. It's not customary to wait till Christmas to lighten up your garden trees or the whole of the garden. You can do it on the weekends when you want to have a fun time.

Bring in colourful lights to set the mood of your outdoor space. Nowadays fire pits have become really popular which burn bioethanol. They don't release any heat or smoke fumes. Sometimes it's just about setting the mood and creating an amazing surrounding, rather than needing the heat of the fire.

We would love to hear from you. Just leave your thoughts below in the comments below and let us know your take on the topic.

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