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How to Lay Artificial Grass on Uneven Ground?

If you wish to lay Artificial Grass on an uneven surface, the first course of action for you should be to landscape the area to create level ground because when you install artificial turf on uneven ground, there is a much higher chance of error such as unsecured edges, a visible imperfection in the surface and uneven joins. The installation company for synthetic turf will begin with landscaping your outdoor/lawn space which helps in ensuring that there is an even surface to work with. The expert installation team will help you out in leveling out a sloping garden or removing any unwanted substances such as roots, weeds, or mounds all of which can cause complications once the fake grass is installed. This installation guide will help you in determining how to lay your turf on uneven ground.

• Why should Artificial Grass be laid on leveled ground?

There are many aesthetic and technical reasons why your synthetic turf should be installed on level ground. Considering the visual point of view, the prospect of visual imperfections, for example-bumps on the surface can be unsightly. The surface where your artificial turf is to be installed should be leveled up, as it’s simply not a case of simply digging up the surface or smoothening out uneven areas. The bumps can be a sight of inconvenience, as they can present a safety issue, especially for homes with kids and pets who are likely to play and run around on the fake turf. If you level up the ground, the naturally even, soft surface mixed with the sub-base will help you in cushioning up any tumble; reduce the risk of any injury.

From a technical point of view, there are multiple reasons why artificial grass shouldn’t be installed on an uneven surface. Laying turf on an uneven surface means drainage of the turf can get hampered, which causes waterlogging as the standing waters won’t get a proper drainage system as it would on an even surface.

• How to Level out the uneven surface?

Now that it’s established that the surface should be leveled before the installation of synthetic turf, you may want to know how to easily level out the surface where you’re planning to lay your new artificial grass. If you are planning to install the grass yourself, it might require a little bit of effort but considering the area size, you can do the installation yourself in a day.

• Start by digging up the entire area where you’re planning to lay your fake grass by removing older grass or a concrete patio.

• Next, smoothen out the surface by laying the sub-base on top of the ground which will make a soft and even surface on which you can install the synthetic grass.

If you want a perfect finish for your lawn, you can call a professional installation team as they can carry out the whole work quickly and efficiently.

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