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Artificial grasses have become essential and a lot of homeowners are putting this high in their regard. They know that this is an important aspect of their outdoor living and they have to make a way for it if they want to achieve a beautiful, practical, and natural-looking outdoor space. Unlike natural greenery, which takes a lot of time and money for its maintenance, fake grass comes with all the features in the world and you don’t have to waste any time and money for its care and maintenance. This is one of the main reasons why experts and homeowners from around the world are giving positive reviews about them.

There are certain key elements about fake grass which you should be aware of. We have tried to bring the most valuable ones on the table to make you aware of your favorite grass. Proper ground preparation and qualitative construction material along with professional help will lead you to natural-looking grass.

The first thing to know is drainage and the base construction of your fake turf

Unlike any other flooring option like a rug or vinyl, artificial grass cannot just be simply laid over any surface. It requires a system of work to be done before you can plan to surface the grass. Generally, installers will dig somewhere around 5 inches down the ground to prepare the foundation work. A system of pipe for proper water drainage has to be placed at the base as per the specific requirement of your property. A well through proper drainage is required to prevent any water logging which can further lead to bacterial issues.

A combination of crushed rock with fine aggregate is used to fill in the ground. To be precise, experts prefer to have 60% of the crushed rock while adding 40% of the fine aggregate to create a perfect base before layering the fake turf over it. The attempt is to create 2-3 inch deep bedding for the grass. Remember it’s a natural phenomenon where crushed rocks with sands and other natural particles from the base area allow easy percolation of water through it. The same concept is applied here as well to achieve the proper drainage.

The best part about this system is that the combination of large and small particles forms a solid base that is going to remain stable for years to come. This is a perfect approach for high-traffic areas.

The pile height is an important aspect

If you think that going with the extremely high pile content is going to bring luxury and more visual appeal to your garden area, you are mistaken then. The longer the pile content would be, the greater would be its risk of bending down to the ground and thus becoming flat. It’s also a bad choice if your garden is a high-traffic area. Ideally, you should not go above 35mm to 37mm of the pile height.

The density of your grass per m2

Pile height and density; both should be given equal importance while deciding a turf for your garden area. The density of the grass will make it look lush green. Ideally, you should try looking for grass that has a density somewhere around 3kg per m2.

Choosing the right shade of green is essential

Well, there is a number of variations of green available in the market and you need to be careful about choosing the right shade for your garden. It’s not just about the green, but rather it’s about choosing the right shade with a fleck of brown to provide a natural touch to it. In technical terms, this brown section is referred to as ‘thatch’ or ‘brown root zone. This is how the fake turfs look the exact replica of the natural greenery.

If you go with the full green approach, this is certainly not going to look natural and the area may look artificial. There are various shades of greens like olive green, dark green and lime green and you have to choose one which you personally prefer the most.

Sample service and how you can make the most of it

Artificial grass companies tend to offer free sample service to provide you with the exact look and feel of the grass you want to buy. They even tend to provide multiple sample pieces when you make your request of sample service. The point here is to make sure that you make the most of this sample service.

Here is what you can do and how you can benefit from this amazing sample service of grass companies.

1. Always try seeking samples from different companies and inspect what they send to you. Check for the quality and prices and then shortlist a couple of companies. Make arrangements to meet with them in person or book a free visit.

2. Free visit and measurement is another valuable aspect you need to consider. Nowadays every online company is offering it. So, how does it make a difference? How will you determine which one is better? Speak with the representatives to know more about the company and its products and policies. See if they are friendly or just OK. These minor observations will lead you to the appropriate company. Always keep in mind that a good company will do everything in its power to keep you happy and satisfied.

3. When they come for the site visit, ask them to visit with larger samples which will give you a better feel of the turf you intend to install in your garden area.

4. Once you have the larger sample, ask them to leave it for few days and let them know that you will call them with your final decision and buy some time to decide. Now that you have received a larger piece, lay it in your garden area and see how it looks at different times of the day. Try walking over it and feeling it underneath. Live couple of days with this sample to get an idea of how the entire project will look and feel.

Once you feel that the sample is fine and you want to go ahead with it, give your representative a call. If not, then start from the scratch with a different company and follow the same procedure again.

 installation will also have a decisive impact

Installing your grass is going to be a tedious task and getting it done with a professional is a key point here. A lot of homeowners have started opting for DIY projects which we would not suggest. The installation has to be precise and perfect in its own standards. There are seems and joints that need to be done precisely to achieve perfection.

Ultimately you want to achieve natural-looking greenery in your garden area which is flawless. How do you suppose on getting it if you will not hire professionals who can provide you with a garden area which has no flaws in it.

It’s the overall finishing which will come out appealing and you cannot compare it with the DIY projects.  

The quality and type of infill has a defining factor in making your grass look amazing and great

Ultimately, it’s the infill type which will provide your grass that amazing natural cushioning which you feel when you walk over natural green lawn. A perfect mixture of silica sand and crumbled rubber is so far considered to be the best infill material for this grass industry. They are designed to enhance the visual appeal. This also serves to make your grass suitable for heavy foot falls.

Once you are done with layering the fake turf over the desired area, you spread the infill and rake it into the blade crevices. Remember to keep in mind that this infill plays a critical role in providing the perfect sensation to your feet when you walk over it.
Features and characteristics of the turf you want to bring in

With the advancement of technology, fake turfs come with a range of amazing features. The first and the most important feature to look for is UV resistance. Check with the manufacturer’s label if the grass is treated for protection from direct sunlight. The last thing you would want is your garden getting faded and losing its natural green color and charm with the passage of time.

Though you have checked the UV resistance feature of your grass, now keep in mind that there is no glass window reflection falling over it as this can channel a concentrated heat to damage the grass blades. The UV resistance feature will no longer be of any use to you in this case.

Care and maintenance is a key for a longer and healthier lifecycle

Though the fake grass doesn’t need watering and mowing but still, it requires some maintenance if not much. You will be required to remove the leaves, left-over or any debris to maintain the life of the grass blades. Brushing and raking are the two important cleaning processes that you need to do whenever you feel that your garden requires it.

With the passage of time, the grass blades will compact down and become flat which is why it is important that you rake the grass blades in both directions. This will also help scatter the infill at regular intervals rearranging them to hold the blades stand erect.

How is the company with which you are dealing different from the rest? What guarantees do they have on the table for you?

The exclusive offer from the company is what makes them different from the rest of the others along with the quality service. If you have got your grass installed with the reputed and experienced grass company, they will please you with the awesome after service they provide. They offer warranty on their workmanship relying on the qualitative expertise they have in the industry. They will provide you warranty for things like seems, fixings and joints.

Even the grass comes with the 10 years of warranty. Keep in mind that if you opt for a reputed company, you will not have issues when chasing them for their promises. While with the third party installers, it could be a big issue.

With proper ground preparation and qualitative construction material along with the professional help will lead you to a natural looking grass. Having done correctly, you can achieve a beautiful looking natural grass.

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We hope that we have informed you well about the fake grass and the key elements associated with it which you should be aware of. If you think we missed any important point, we would love to hear from you. Please leave your valuable comments below and let us know that you are reading us.


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