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Instigate a Lush Green Appeal to Your Garden with Artificial Grass!

Artificial grass is known for its lush greenery, low-maintenance and pet-friendly blades. The main reason for this is because synthetic turf can be placed almost anywhere, making it quite versatile. Artificial Grass installation has become quite popular for both residential and commercial purposes. Fabricated from synthetic, man-made fibers; Artificial grass mimics the look of real grass. The Artificial Grass includes a high-quality, durable backing that is capable of supporting the faux grass blades and helps the grass bounce back to its original place, once walked on, making it more durable and resilient. Production of artificial grass resembling a real grass-like look is the result of technological advancements and enhanced manufacturing processes. The grass exudes high durability and has tolerance to abrasion and wear; it also has UV resistance property which helps in protecting the color of the grass from fading during harsh weather conditions. Presently, the artificial grass is softer, longer, and lush.

There are three main ingredients used in making artificial grass. Polyethylene contributes towards making the artificial grass long-lasting and gentle on the skin. Polypropylene makes it durable and resilient. Nylon induces the grass with high burn tolerance and makes it highly robust. Polyethylene or nylon is used in making the blades of artificial grass. Polyethylene is generally used in making plastic bags, plastic bottles, etc. It is available in solid form which is then melted and amalgamated with colors and other chemicals which gives it durability and UV resistance, etc. Alternatively, thin nylon sheets are used in making grass blades. These thin nylon sheets are extruded via molds to create fine fibers with a round or an oval cross-section. This results in a very high-quality blade that gives off a real, natural grass look.

Polypropylene is used in the making of the thatch layer. The function of the thatch layer is to give added support and cushioning to your artificial grass. The thatching of artificial grass comes in tan or brown color. It helps in breaking up the monotonous green color of the turf which in turn makes the whole spread look identical to natural grass. There are various shades in which artificial turf is available, such as lime green, olive green, dark green, and more. While choosing artificial turf, stay away which looks perfectly green, choose an imperfect green shade, and go for a turf that has distinct shades of green with some brown flecks in between.

The main and foremost thing to consider while choosing artificial grass for gardens is to determine the amount of footwork the area will receive where you want to lay down your artificial grass. For homes with kids or pets who love playing outside, pick an artificial turf that is high in durability. If you choose fake grass which is less durable, it won't be able to withstand the heavy traffic hence will wear out rather quickly. Just note that picking out turf with high durability can make you compromise on comfort, but quality turfs have a non-abrasive and soft texture nevertheless. If you're concerned about the looks of your fake grass, it does not require watering to thrive, but rinsing it once in every few weeks can give it a fresh look. Depending upon the type of filler used to steady the grass blades, watering can help in improving how well the grass blades remain in their upright position.

If you want a lawn with the lush appeal, go for artificial turf with high pile height to make your lawn feel lusher and appealing. Having long grass blades can cause them to bend over themselves due to the heavyweight and the gravitational pull, which can cause your lawn to look flat as time goes by. The ideal pile height is 30-37mm, which helps in keeping your lawn look natural. If you want to place some furniture items or décor items on your lawn, go for artificial turf with a shorter pile height as it provides better sustainability options.

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