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The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Grass Pile Height

There are a lot of aspects to take into consideration when installing Artificial Grass. The pile height of the fake turf should be taken into consideration before installation so that you get the best type of synthetic grass as per your needs. If you’re not sure which pile height is right for you, our ultimate guide to artificial grass pile height will surely help you out.

» What is Artificial Grass Pile Height?

The length of the grass blades from above the backing to the tip is what a “pile-height” refers to. If you want a lush lawn, choose a turf that has a high pile height to make your lawn feel lusher. Although having long grass blades can cause them to bend over themselves due to the heavyweight and the gravitational pull, causing your lawn to look flat as time flies by. The ideal pile height is 30-37mm, which helps in keeping your lawn look natural. If you wish to place some furniture or décor items on your lawn, make sure to go for a shorter pile height for a better sustainability option.

» Why is Pile Height Important?

There are various reasons that make the pile height of synthetic turf important.

• It determines the appearance of your synthetic grass. In low traffic areas, long, lush grass blades will look appealing. For high-traffic areas those long blades can get flattened by being trampled, hence it won’t look good. Don’t go too short on the pile height, as it will make your lawn look like a sport’s field.

• Synthetic turf is very tactile and sensory, if you’re going to install it in your kid’s playroom, make sure to consider the pile height by the way it feels underfoot. Long blades offer great flexibility and cushioning, whereas short blades offer a hard feel underfoot.

» Does the purpose of synthetic turf affect the pile height?

Yes, the purpose of your artificial grass determines which pile height you should choose. For instance, if you are going to install artificial grass for putting green, you may want a shorter pile. This will help in allowing smooth roll for golfers. If you are installing artificial grass in your kid’s play areas or nursery, make sure to choose a longer pile for added comfort and cushioning.

» Does Synthetic Grass Pile Height Affect Durability?

All synthetic turf, whether Bradford artificial grass, budget, or luxury turf, is exceptionally durable. However, make sure to remember that long grass blades can flatten quickly as compared to shorter grass blades. For instance, for high traffic areas, a shorter pile height will be more durable.

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