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Top 10 Best Places to Use Artificial Grass - You’ve Never Thought Of

In recent months, there has been a surge in the usage of artificial grass as people are now looking towards a more relaxed approach when maintaining their gardens. This is where Artificial Grass GB has constructed a reputation to provide high-quality artificial grass, perfect for adding greenery to your home. Synthetic grass can withstand heavy usage from both kids and pets and are more resistant to the weather than traditional gardens. Rather than spending hours mowing a lawn repeatedly, imitation grass maintains its form and doesn’t require much attention. Apart from the cost-saving benefits, using imitation grass can also provide an aesthetically pleasing view anywhere you put it. The versatility means that it applies to different places in more ways than one.

1. Bring Life to Your Balcony

Flats and apartments usually don’t have a garden included due to the increased elevation. Using artificial grass on the balcony can transform it to appear luxurious, opulent and bring it to life. When you step out from your home, your feet will touch imitation grass rather than the cold hard floor of the balcony and make you feel relaxed. The various different shades it comes in can transform your terrace and add a specific touch of nature that wouldn’t be possible without fake grass.

2. Personalize Your Pavements

Usually, between the cracks in the pavement, you’ll see dirt or soil. Why not cover it up with fake grass? It gives your pavement an added effortless design as it looks fuller and lush. The design is entirely up to you as you introduce the geometric element to your pavement and make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You can also make your pavement look more exuberant than it usually is by introducing the lines of green provided by the grass.

3. Cover Your Outdoor Furniture

This one is for the more creative - using artificial grass to cover up furniture.  It protects the furnishings from the harsh rain and acts as an eye-catching attraction piece. Manufactured grass is designed to withstand nature’s elements far better than any textile or outdoor fabrics and materials. Use them to cover the cushions or ottomans so they can be both protected and usable. Remember, to utilize the furniture, use a softer synthetic grass to which, no doubt, would be available at Artificial Grass GB.

4. Lawns/ Landscaping

The easy maintenance after installation is one of the reasons why faux grass has become increasingly popular over the last few years.  Rather than using traditional lawns and gardening, covering your entire lawn or garden with fake grass means that it preserves its structure for much longer and saves you both money and time. Traditional gardens are vulnerable to nature such as animals, the weather, and insects to which demonstrates extra care needed that is unnecessary with an artificial grass garden.

5. Bring Indoors

Synthetic grass can also be utilized indoors. Despite being designed to be used outdoors – there are no definite rules. Bring the artificial grass inside to add pleasant accents and unique varieties, right in your living room. The ideas here are limitless – for example, you can use the grass however you see fit. The grass can be used as table decoration, acting as a centerpiece by running from one side to another.

6. DIY Backdrops

Everyone has a special moment where they celebrate more than others. Be it a wedding or a birthday, use synthetic grass to decorate your very own backdrop. This enchanted, fairytale-inspired idea can make any moment magically. As a bonus, it acts as a beautiful backdrop to take beautiful, glamorous pictures.

7. Enhance Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop gardens can be one of the difficult places to grow grass and foliage as this is where the weather would be the harshest due to the increased elevation. Artificial Turf allows rooftop gardens to look elegant and sophisticated because they can withstand abrasive weather, making them perfect to use for high rooftop gardens, where maintenance would be more difficult.

8. Strengthen Sporting Surfaces

Manufactured grass’ ability to imitate genuine grass makes it perfect for kids to run around on. The increased durability means that it has a decreased chance of being ruined and can withstand the heavy-duty of sports. Lining sporting surfaces, such as underneath football goals, will last much longer and remain intact.

9. Prevent Pets from Wrecking Your Furniture

Cats love the texture of faux grass as they can scratch and stretch their paws deep into the strands. You can use synthetic grass as a means of preventing your cats, or any other pet, from scratching the furniture by upholstering a scratch pole or the linings of their playpens.

10. Contrasting Rugs

As mentioned before, manufactured grass be implemented as an accent piece in or out of a house. However, it can also be implemented in other places such as offices. Placed alongside wooden or granite marble floors provides a stark contrast that simultaneously compliments each other and introduces a professional yet relaxed ambiance into the workspace.

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