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Top 10 Common Myths of Artificial Grass

  1. Has Poor Drainage

Artificial grass does not have poor drainage! The only way you would experience poor drainage with artificial grass is if the sub-floor underneath hasn’t been prepared properly. When installing Artificial grass, the sub-floor underneath needs to be properly prepared to make sure that the water can seep through and not cause a flood. To ensure this, there are little holes in the backing of the grass that allows the water to move through quickly. This also means that Artificial Grass dries a lot quicker than genuine grass.

To find out more about drainage and installation, visit our website @ www.artificialgrassgb.co.uk

  1. No preparation Needed

It may seem simple – spread the artificial grass over the yard and nail it down. It requires more effort than it seems. As mentioned in our first point, Synthetic grass needs an adequate sub-floor to be able to have proper drainage. This requires a layer of a concrete stone base and then a layer of Kiln sand. This helps with the water from rainfall being drained efficiently and prevents it from being clogged up.

  1. Not Safe For Pets and Children

The faux grass is designed to feel soft and comforting and is certainly a better option than concrete and pavement to have around kids and pets. The grass can be used as a foundation under their playthings, like swings, to help cushion their falls.

In addition, the grass is attached to one backing, in a long sheet that comes in rolls. This means that your dogs and other pets won’t be able to dig up any holes which would require further maintenance.

  1. Smells bad

You’d think that cleaning artificial grass would be difficult but it isn’t. There is no doubt the grass would get dirty – the pigeons may have pooped or one of the pets or kids may have made a mess. Cleaning the grass doesn’t take more than watering it down with a high-powered water hose. The grass will be able to drain the water later so cleaning it won’t take a lot of effort.

If you have a resistant patch of dirt, then you can get a regular household brush and simply brush out the dirt.

  1. Doesn’t Look Realistic

Very cheap artificial grass may look unrealistic. However, good-quality artificial grass looks like the real deal. The main color is made from different colored threads, blended together to help give a realistic appearance. There are also curlier strands of faux grass underneath the top layer to help maintain its volume and not become flat over the years. This helps artificial grass maintain its looks and hence why it will last years.

  1. All look the Same

This is entirely false. Artificial grass comes in a wide range of different styles and tones so there is perfect grass for everyone. Each type is designed differently to give its own feel and aesthetics – varying from length. The volume, the color, etc. Each style has its own pile height and varying densities so it is unfair to say that all artificial grass is the same.

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  1. Excessive Maintenance

Looking after Artificial grass has less maintenance than genuine grass as all that has to be maintained is appearance through removing leaves and debris or brushing. Genuine grass requires fertilizers and pesticides which can burn a hole through your wallet especially when you have a lawn infection such as harmful bacteria or fungi growing. Artificial grass requires none of that is hassle-free!

  1. Bad for the Environment

Artificial grass doesn’t grow so lawn mowers are not needed. Lawnmowers are harmful to the environment due to the amount of energy it requires and because it utilizes fossil fuels. By installing artificial grass, the pollution around your property will decrease.

Little creatures and insects can’t live in artificial grass so there is no need to buy pesticides that would have leached high amounts of chemicals into the yard.

Lastly, since the faux grass doesn’t grow, there is no need to water it. This is saving energy and water bills. Your sprinklers are no longer required and therefore you will save gallons of water every year.

  1. Expensive

The rolls of artificial grass are not expensive at all. The quality of the grass can vary from cheap to premium however, they aren’t the expensive part of installing faux grass. What is expensive, is installing it and it can range from budget to premium depending on the fitter.

If you want to have zero costs, then you can try DIY installation but we do recommend knowing how it. Check our website to see how!

How to Install Artificial Grass?

  1. Limits Landscaping

Artificial grass provides a flawless finish as all the grass blades are the same and not asymmetrical in any way. You can still add potted plants and little trinkets around your garden as you would with genuine grass and it would look much better. The fake grass is easier to maintain than everything else so you would have no difficulty looking after the garden.


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