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What Thickness of Artificial Grass is Best For Your Lawn [Pile Height Guide] ?

When choosing a perfect artificial turf for your project you have to consider many things in mind resilience, color and density, its pile height, and of course the length of your synthetic grass. Indeed it is very easy to get confused with artificial grass that is too long or short. Finding the right pile of height for your project is all depends on the intended use. Artificial grass can be used for different purposes, such as sports fields, gardens, or for your home lawn. We have to use different heights and piles of grasses for different purposes for that we need to decide carefully on what height and length of turf go well with different uses. There are many different types of artificial grass and they all have different strengths and weaknesses, the reason for this is some are designed for different uses, some tend to be very hard and some are very soft in texture. While taking the thickness of the artificial into account we also need to consider the material it is made up of,2 types of fiber which are polythene and polypropylene for artificial grass. Have a look at a given point to have a fair idea of what is the usage of artificial lawn, and what thicknesses are required for your lawn.

There are generally five main types of usage for your artificial lawn and all of them, have different strengths and weaknesses according to their use.

  • Ornamental/show lawn
  • Family lawn/Play area
  • Pet-friendly lawn
  • Lawn for garden parties and entertainment
  • All-rounder

Below you will find some useful tips to help you choose the best synthetic grass to suit your own needs.

When you are selecting an artificial turf for your garden, start by looking at the potential grasses from a fascinating point of view. This is because you must choose an artificial grass that you will relish looking at and that improves the look of your garden.

Pile height

If you like your lawn to look freshly cut, anything between 25-30mm is a great choice. For a natural-looking lawn, we suggest you choose a height between 30-38mm. Anything longer than this can affect the fibers as it tends to lie underweight rather than standing upright. The longer blade the heavier the blade will be and the more likely weight will bring it down leading to flat-look, rather than lush-look grass. Shorter piles of grass work better than longer piles in the long term for grasses.

Pile Density

Comparing the pile density is very important. The higher the pile density the lush the grass will look. The low-density artificial can look scarce and thin. For heavy usees areas, we suggest choosing a dense pile with somewhere between 16,500 and 18,000 stitches per square meter.

Pile height:20mm or less

When you have kids and pets around, most people go for 20mm artificial grass because it considers being less in weight. Firstly it makes it easier for cleaning purposes, short piles look neater and prevent your pets from attacking your lawn.

Pile height: between 20mm and 30mm:

The longer the grass, the more real your artificial grass will look. If you mix the combination of 20mm and 30mm artificial grass is your go-to pile height. This pile height is average if you want to place your furniture or decor items on your lawn, make sure to go for a shorter pile height for a better sustainability option. Your lawn will look like it's just have been mowed and put together with the right pile density and should be strong enough to indulge a great deal of foot traffic. If you want a have the luxury soft, bouncy feel to your lawn that will feel like you walking on a smooth surface then opting for a 30mm pile would be great.

Pile height: between 30mm and 40mm

This length is ideal if you are going for the perfect idealized look. Moreover, it will add firmness to your grass. Children will love to play while enjoying the tickling feeling of grass sharpness between their toes. Also, it is safer for your kids if they land on the grass it won't cause them any harm as it has a shock pad underlying beneath them.

Pile height:40mm or more

For people who like to have artificial grass that looks lush and evergreens like real grass and even a bit wild a 40mm artificial grass will do the magic. If you are expecting limited foot traffic, this idealized pile height can be a real eye-catcher. The longer pile of artificial turf will also prevent dust from blowing indirectly.

Artificial grass benefits homeowners in many different ways. In addition to that, you don't have to water your lawn daily, also artificial grass eliminates the need for time-consuming lawn maintenance. You don't have to spend your time fertilizing or mowing your grass just like the real grass. Considering all these factors you also need to remember the thickness of your artificial turf. Artificial grass comes in a variety of piles for different lawns so you have to decide which pile will best suit your lawn. If you are confused in selecting the right thickness for your synthetic grass just have a look at the points mentioned above. Artificial grass GB has high-quality piles of turf durable backing which is capable of supporting the imitative grass blades and helps the grass bounce back to its original place. Artificial Grass GB supplies and installs artificial grass kent for both domestic as well as commercial areas.

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