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1. Why choose artificial grass over real grass ?
Artificial Grass gives you a perfect lawn all year round with no maintenance. Our grass requires no mowing, no watering, never any mud, suitable for children, pet friendly and comes with 10 years of manufacturer warranty.
2. Is it easy to install ?
It's easy to install artificial grass. The grass can be installed on any garden area including decking, concrete, flag stones and block paving. You can find a step by step installation guide in this leaflet.
3. Is it suitable for Pets ?
Our grass is pet friendly. Many kennels now use artificial grass. Dog and other animal mess can be removed easily and any residue rinsed away. The colour of grass is not effected by urine, or even a solution of bleach.
4. Is it safe for children ?
It's perfect for children as they can play all year round on it. You can choose a grass that is soft and plush to provide a cushion effect when children fall.
5. Does artificial grass require any kind of maintenance?
No, maintenance is not really required. Clearly the grass will never grow. You may need to remove dead leaves, or other debris which may come from plants or trees from time to time.
6. Will it fade?
No, our grass will not fade and comes with 10 years of manufacture warranty.
7. How do I measure the size of my garden?
Our grass comes in 2m and 4m wide rolls, therefore you will need to measure the longest length and the widest width. Don't worry if you garden is an odd shape, or not a perfect rectangle, you still need to follow the same simple procedure.
8. What accessories do I need and where can I get them?
If the grass is to be laid on top of soil you will need:-
  • Hard-core (crush and run)
  • Weed membrane
  • Sand
  • 6" galvanised nails
  • Kiln dried sand
  • You may also need wooden edging
If the grass has a join you will need:-
  • Joining Tape
  • Glue

You may also need underlay if laying on decking or paved areas. Please ask a member of our staff for advice and where these can be obtained.

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