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Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

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Relaxing, perhaps sharing a meal with your family and friends, is always more enjoyable in an outdoor setting so picking the perfect garden furniture is essential for getting the most out of your outdoor space.

Before you make your choice, the first question you have to ask is, what do I want to use my garden for? Is it for entertaining friends and family or for relaxing? or spending intimate evenings with someone special?

After you've thought about how you're going to enjoy your garden, it's time to start thinking about some of the practical matters you'll need to consider before making your choice.

Space : Make sure you get a full idea of how much room you have. Measure your available space and ensure there's not just enough room for furniture, but also for people to move around it.

Storage : Where is your furniture going to be stored once the weather turns cold? It's important to consider where and how you're going to store your furniture. If you're going to store it in a shed or garage, check if it can be folded or stacked.

Patio Decking : Make sure your patio is strong enough to hold a full patio set plus guests. Also consider whether it's robust enough not to be damaged by chairs getting scraped across it.

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