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Places You Can Install Artificial Grass

Office use: Artificial Grass is now the choice for any office or work place, it gives a professional look all year round with virtually no maintenance costs. Transform your office or workplace with our artificial grass and show everyone that you are a modern and innovative company.

Schools and Nurseries: School and nurseries are rapidly incorporating artificial grass for their play and sporting areas. All our Artificial Grasses are child friendly. There softer to fall on, easily cleaned, they can be disinfected if needed. For sporting purpose's, Our Artificial Grasses can be used all year round whatever the weather may be, no more muddy fields or pupils in bad weather and no more hay fever sufferers in summer.

Exhibition and Display: Artificial grasses are extremely helpful at displays or exhibition events whether they be large or small, personal or professional. It provides a dynamic visual look especially when used in conjunction with sporting or culinary related displays.

Commercial Park: Commercial parks are using artificial grass more readily for areas which would otherwise require a huge and unnecessary investment in their maintenance if a natural grass covering was used. Our Artificial Grass will keep your outdoor areas clean and fresh looking all year round enhancing your business parks presentation.

Balcony:Short on space? Don't think you can have a nice looking garden on your balcony? Our Artificial grass will quickly transform your balcony into a fresh clean lawn to enjoy all year round.

Pool Side: Our Artificial Grass works perfectly around any pool, no more water logged areas or muddy feet. Natural looking, soft, and easy to clean. Imagine climbing out of the water and feeling soft grass under your feet.

Landscaping: Landscaping your property not only increases the sale value of your property it also allows you to tailor your garden to create the perfect space you've always wanted. Proper landscape installation will insure less expense over time and greater satisfaction.

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