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Warranty & Product Care

The company is endeavoured to provide you with the best of the product quality and hence grants you with the legitimate manufacturer’s warranty/guarantee on all its products (please see on the products description page for the guarantee of that product specifically).

Care Instructions

Remove debris
The simplest way to keep your artificial grass going for years is by continuously removing the debris over it. Most of the times if your artificial grass is in an open area, this gets done by the natural rain. But if it’s not the case with your artificial home lawns and gardens, switch to manual cleansing of your artificial grasses. This will not allow any organic matter to get dried up over your artificial grass which negates its life.

Try to wash away your artificial grass as soon as it gets stained. Although these artificial grasses are made from synthetic fibres which are stain resistant but still it’s always recommended to play safe and clean it as soon as possible.
Stains of soft drinks, milk, alcohol, coffee, tea, ice cream, tomato sauce, juice, mustard, butter would require an extra care of water with detergents.
Use weed killer annually
Prevent your artificial grass covering from weeds and moss. Use weed killer once a year and be safe from weeds and moss.
Few must have equipments
  • A leaf blower
  • A rake
  • A hose
Regular check on your pets
Your pets’ urine and droppings should be regularly rinsed off with water and detergent. And this is not a serious problem as both the urine and droppings wash off easily but a regular check needs to be done.
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